Published On: Thu, May 13th, 2021

Amazon warning: Britons targeted by ‘Prime’ phone call scam – stay alert | Personal Finance | Finance

Amazon Prime us a service which many people rely upon for quick and easy deliveries straight to their door. While the service is paid, it can often be beneficial for those with busy lives, or, in the current circumstances, individuals who do not wish to leave the house. But with the commonality of the use of both the Amazon website and the Amazon Prime service, this unfortunately gives scammers more of an opportunity to attack Britons.

When pressing one, Britons are likely to be connected to a cybercriminal posing as an Amazon employee and asking for further details to supposedly rectify the situation.

But this is where Britons can unknowingly part with sensitive information which could be used against them in the future.

Fraudsters could take these details and go on to commit identity fraud, or empty a person’s bank account of their hard-earned cash and get away scot free.

Unfortunately, some individuals have learned this the hard way, and it can be devastating for those who are impacted.

Another stated: “I’ve been getting phone calls from people claiming to be Amazon Prime. Said they were going to up the Prime cost – didn’t believe them.”

A third raged: “Hopefully the scammer Amazon callers will be found and charged!

“Makes me so mad to see my mother getting so many scam calls. She doesn’t have an Amazon account! But some people who do have accounts might fall for those fake scammer calls!”

While another mused: “These scam calls are getting clever. I bet a lot of people fall for that.”

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